The Department of Business Development under the auspices of the Office of the CEO has the goal of increasing existing business activities and developing new business through international collaborations, regional, or local ventures.  Therefore, in addition to promoting the growth and diversification of existing business, the Department of Business Development is also responsible for developing new business opportunities in emerging medical technologies.  We search for opportunities for the transfer of international medical technologies which the implementation thereof will be most beneficial to both the public and private healthcare market in Kuwait and the region.  Two of these advanced technologies (hyperbaric oxygen therapies and cord blood banking and stem cell therapies) are currently in the development pipeline.  

If you desire to expand your activities in the Middle East, or seek partnerships or joint venture business opportunities in health care within the State of Kuwait, feel free to explore opportunities with us.  Contact:

Cecil Ibrahim Hill
Director-Project Mgmt. & Client Services
Mobile:  +965-6672-5137

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